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Freddy, March 8, 2018


" I’ve hired Mr.Ozelie to help me on a legal matter, he was very vigorous, while his methodical approach is evident from years of practice. He understands the Law and all that surrounds each scenario. His Paralegal team is top notch and the attention to detail is superb, nothing is overlooked. After almost 4 years of prior litigation the case was settled within a few months. " -AVVO

Kelly, April 4, 2018


" Mr.Ozelie and Erica are the best ! They have a amazing team there . I am very thankful I found them . They made everything less stressful for me while I went though a very difficult time in my life . Thank you again !!! :) :) " -AVVO

Anonymous, March 8, 2018


" Richard and his team are phenomenal. They have been handling my complicated divorce case with solid expertise and unwavering patience. They are aggressive and reasonable in their approach. I have recommended Richard to another person and will continue to do so. His level of experience and choice in paralegals is stellar. "  -AVVO

Anoymous, February 23, 2018


" I have utilized Mr. Ozelie' s services. He takes the time to listen and understand your situation. His experience in the legal field allows him to make pertinent suggestions that protect his clients interest. He is fair minded yet tough when needed. I could not be more pleased with my legal outcome. " -AVVO

Success Stories


(USA v. SANTORO, et al, Case No. 96-73-CR-J-10)

 Mr. Ozelie was lead Attorney for the primary defendant in one of the largest Hashish seizure cases in DEA history (at the time) --17 tons -- in a Federal prosecution in the Middle District of Florida (Jacksonville, FL) in 1996. (USA v. SANTORO, et al, Case No. 96-73-CR-J-10) also, NY Times Article published May, 31, 1996. Although the defendants were facing a minimum of 10 yrs to Life, his Client received only 5 years following the filing of defensive motions attacking the entire "story" of the origin of the hash and how the DEA "came to possess" same.  


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